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Artificial Turf - Perfect Alternative For Traditional Lawn


Artificial Grass-Supermarket brings you the ultimate inspirational flooring that would easily enable the complete next landscaping of project. When you need to have the best garden lawn, playground surface, outdoor flooring or rooftop garden, then hiring the professionals would be a great option for increasing the area of beauty. Get the latest artificial grass for your project at best price and suitable for enabling more option to feel and see quality.


Reliability and Quality of the Artificial Grass is the convenient option for improving the beauty of the home or commercial externals. We are the Authorized Dealers have selected based on the passion and skills. Unlike other brands, Artificial Grass-Supermarket looks 100% natural with the safe environment.

Artificial Grass Designs:-

The artificial Grass direct limited over the 15 years experience of supplying the artificial grass as the choice to domestic.  We offer the landscapers and retailing the customer has stile to offer the best products at high prices which compared to another price. The artificial grass Birmingham provides our professional customers.


This designs all our own grasses at highly to make the best quality products at competitive prices. In reality, the extreme for pets and ensure you have to mud and maintenance of free garden as well as you can enjoy all year round. We have a wide range of grasses with various densities, softness, and colors for everyone prefer your budgets.

Artificial Grass Birmingham we provide to the trade in and around the Birmingham area please give us a call on 07795432923 


  • Natural    - 20mm - £10 per Meter

  • Wembley    - 30mm - £13 per meter

  • Oxford     - 25mm - £13 per meter

  • Mayfair    - 35mm - £16 per meter

  • Coventry   - 45mm - £17 per meter

  • Canterbury - 35mm - £18 per meter

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